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My lifelong passion for storytelling began at the age of 16 when I joined a major newspaper in Florida as a photojournalist. Following at the heels of the department’s seasoned pros like a star struck puppy, I cut my teeth shooting everything from the world famous NASCAR Daytona 500 Races, to Space Shuttle launches, to NBA basketball games to local news and absolutely everything in between.

Photography has led me on a not exactly straight but always interesting path. I’ve been hidden away in cavernous art storage units of museums­ (photographing over 40,000 art objects for Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and Harvard Art Museums). Above ground I've shot a wide variety of personalities all over the world.

I hold a B.F.A. with honours in photography and art history from Massachusetts College of Art and a Masters in Film and Television from Edinburgh College of Art.

Branching out into moving images led to a career making documentaries as a self-shooting producer director (and edit producer) for broadcasters such as the BBC where I specialise in observational filming. I am a recipient of the Edinburgh Television Festival Ones to Watch Award and experienced across a wide variety of genres and formats.

Photography remains a constant passion and vital outlet in my life. It is the thread that connects everything. Most recently, my work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Galleries of Scotland, International Centre for Photography (NYC) and I am a 2020 Scottish Portrait Prize exhibiting artist.

I’m now a freelance filmmaker and photographer living in Glasgow with my husband and two (very) spirited sons. 



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